Cabins with Hot Tub Access

Cabins with Hot Tub Access

If your looking for Cabins with a hot tub in Cook Forest , this spa is just what you are looking for. The Pinnacle Spa / Hot Tub is located in a private gazebo style building with clear walls and roof in a wooded area of Hominy Ridge Lodge and Cabins away from all the cabins. The hot tub allows for up to 4 people to enjoy at a time. There are several LED color changing lights to create ambiance and over 60 jets with 4 seats, a lounger and cooling step. For those that would like to have music, there is also a CD player and radio. Bring your own CD collection. Come and enjoy the peace and quiet of the spa or enjoy a fun filled hour with friends.

Hydrotherapy can help relieve the pain of arthritis and other tired muscle related injuries. Not only does the warm spa water melt away tension and strain from your body, but with combinations of powerful and gentle massage pulsating jets, help you relax your entire body while you’re surrounded by the natural beauty of Cook Forest.

Bathing Suits must be dropped off at office prior to you entering spa so that we can rinse excess soaps from them. Showers must be taken immediately prior to entrance of spa to remove dirt, oils, lotions and deodorants and anything else that could potentially contaminate the water. Do this at your cabin. Failure to follow these simple instructions, can cost you $100 to replace the water if it is destroyed by negligence.

The Hot tub is open to all adult guests but reservations for 1 hour time slots are required to allow for privacy. Usage is limited to 1 hour maximum per 4 hour period. Some rules and restrictions do apply especially to those who may have health problems such as heart disease and pregnancy. No children. Adults only.