House Rules

Welcome to Hominy Ridge Lodge and Cabins

We wish to make your stay pleasant and comfortable in every way. We ask your observances of the following house policies and rules which we deem necessary for everyone’s benefit.

  1. A copy of the registered guest(s) drivers license or valid photo id is required at check in, together with a copy of the credit card used by guest(s). Guest(s) is required to have a damage deposit of $250 placed on their card for incidentals.  Please be sure to let your credit card company or bank know that you will be traveling and may have multiple transactions from Hominy Ridge from multiple terminals. If we can not process your credit card for rent or security deposit hold, you will not be permitted to enter your cabin. Payment in full is required at check-in.
  2. Late departure fee for anyone checking out past the 11:00 check out time. Check-in time is no earlier than 3:00 pm. Please do not ask for an early check-in. We need time to clean cabins and prepare for all guests that will be checking in. (up to $250 Charge).
  3. Theft charges for anything missing from your unit. This includes but is not limited to firewood and bedding, bath mat, kitchen wares, and everything that we provide as a courtesy or decorative purposes and stealing of air conditioning. If you did not bring it with you then it should not go home with you. Check with everyone in the group to be sure they did not take something by mistake or on purpose. Also, If you steal the air conditioning by breaking the lock or cracking the code, You will be charged a theft charge. (up to $250 Charge).
  4. Property damages includes but is not limited to damage to the unit or anything in the unit, trees (dead or alive), shrubs, graffiti, or defamation of property in any way. Do not break branches from trees (dead or alive.) NO HATCHETS OR AXES. (up to $250 Charge).
  5. Excessive clean up charges includes but is not limited to smoking in units, (smoking permitted outside) cleanup of cigarette butts other than in proper containers, dirty dishes, trash removal, or other excessive cleanup other than that of which is deemed a normal cleanup. Cigarette butts are not to be thrown on the grounds or in the woods. Use the receptacle provided to place butts. Pet hair from pet owners with pets left at home. (up to $250 Charge).
  6. No smoking in any unit effective 1/1/07. Smoking permitted outside. Please use butt containers. (up to $250 Charge).
  7. No pets in any unit effective 2/25/11. Guests who deliberately sneak in a pet will be ejected without a refund and charged the full security deposit. Day guests are not permitted to bring pets either. Pet owners please be sure that you are NOT bringing excessive shedding from your pets with you even though they are left at home. (up to $250 Charge).
  8. We are not on a public water system or sewage system. Well waters are unpredictable and can run low or out. Therefore, we ask that you take short showers, (use water saver shower heads) never leave the water running and flush only when necessary. Flush only toilet paper (provided). Everything else including CHARMIN and other toilet paper, tissues, napkins, paper towels, tampons and sanitary napkins must be disposed of in the trash! If these items are flushed they could back up the sewage into your cabin which you will be held responsible for the clean up. (up to $250 Charge).
  9. All trash is to be disposed of in the dumpster at the bottom of the driveway as you exit. Do not use private trash cans or other dumpsters that do not belong to Hominy Ridge. There is a recycle bin for aluminum cans at the office. (up to $250 Charge).
  10. Quiet time is 11:00 pm to 8 am. Excessively noisy or uncontrollable persons will be removed by the police without refund. You will only be warned once. (up to $250 Charge).
  11. Never leave outside fires unattended. Candles, cigarettes, cigars, pipes or incense burners are NOT permitted inside the cabins. All fires must burned down or out before retiring for the night, before leaving on an adventure, or checking out. Always use protective screens for fireplaces even in your presence to prevent sparks from burning carpet or flooring. Up to $250 charge
  12. All day guests must be registered at the office. Day guests are only permitted up to 3 hours of visiting time to avoid an extra charge on top of the $5 already in place. All day guests must depart by 8:00 pm. Only registered guests are permitted to stay in the cabins. Any one who tries to ‘sneak in’ extra people without paying for them will be ejected without refund. No pets permitted with visitors. $5 fee per day guest. (up to $250 Charge).
  13. No drugs! No kegs! No large amounts of alcohol! We do not tolerate large groups of partying or underage drinking. All persons intoxicated beyond control will be asked to leave or risk having state police intervention. This is a family oriented establishment. Please act as responsible adults. (up to $250 Charge or arrest).
  14. Adults should always supervise their children at all times. This includes play time at the play gym. Provide your own babysitters. We are not babysitters and if children are found to be without parental supervision they will be sent back to their parents and will no be able to return without them. We want safety first. You are responsible for damages incurred by your unsupervised children(up to $250 Charge).
  15. No Pennsylvania illegal fireworks permitted on the grounds. No discharging of any firearms including BB guns and pellet guns, rifles and shotguns or bow/arrows on the grounds. No throwing of knives or axes at targets. Leave all weapons at home unless hunting. Keep them secured in the cabin or your vehicle under lock and key. Be sure they are unloaded and safety on at all times. (up to $250 Charge).
  16. We do not permit axes on the property due to excessive tree damage. Leave them home or have them taken from you till departure. Our firewood is dry and does not need split for kindling. We sell fire starters in the store or kindling (dead branches on the ground) may be picked. Do not break dead or alive branches from our trees. As stated above, you will lose your security deposit. (up to $250 Charge).
  17. Firewood is sold by the bundle for a small fee. Please be honest when buying firewood. Pay at the store or if it is closed, please use the drop box inside the office corridor. This could be a theft charge. So be honest! Along with the state park (DCNR) we do not permit firewood to be brought in from out of the area. Tree damages from foreign insects are now starting to show up here in the forest and is becoming a major problem. Save our forests. Buy your firewood from us or from someone locally only. If firewood is brought with you from out of the area, you will be asked to burn it all at once to avoid the spread of these creatures. We are discovering tree damage on our own property from these insects and we are asking for your cooperation. Log on to the states web site for more information. or  (up to $250 Charge).
  18. Spa Rules: Bathing Suits must be dropped off at office prior to you entering spa so that we can rinse excess soaps from them. Showers must be taken immediately prior to entrance of spa to remove dirt, oils, lotions and deodorants and anything else that could potentially contaminate the water. Do this at your cabin. Failure to follow these simple instructions, can cost you $100 to replace the water if it is destroyed by negligence.

We respect you as a person and want you to have a great time, just not at the expense of our property being damaged. We expect the same in return. Please abide by the rules and there will be no reason for a loss of your security deposit. We understand that accidents do happen and we do take the severity of the incident into consideration, but please respect our property and all its belongings as if it were your own or better.

Thank you!
Hominy Ridge owners…Paula and Andy

Respectfully enjoy your stay to the fullest! We appreciate your business!