Dog Policies
Pre-approved Dogs are permitted in select Cabins. Excludes Cabin 1 & Cabin 6. All dogs must be pre-approved prior to making reservations. Dogs must be on a leash at all times and crated when unattended. Dogs are not permitted on furniture or in beds. Dog owner must pick up poop after dog is done doing its business. Dogs are not permitted to be left alone in the cabin at any time, if you leave the cabin, the dog leaves with you. Please have your dog groomed so there is less shedding and no fleas and ticks. Also, please have your dog up-to-date with all shots. House dogs are permitted; however, we require proof of vaccinations and a photo of your pet(s) to aid in finding any lost pet. To ensure greater control of your pet(s), we require a leash no longer than 6 feet to be used when walking them. Excessive barking, aggressive or threatening behavior will not be tolerated. Limit 2 dogs per Cabin.
1. All pets MUST be registered with the Park Office and licenses, and inoculation records submitted upon arrival.
2. All dogs must be on a leash no longer than six (6) feet when outside and under control of the handler.
3. No dog may be tied outside or left inside a cabin unattended.
4. Pet owners MUST pick up after their pets in all areas.
5. Pets will not disturb residents with excessive noise or aggressive/threatening behavior.
6. Pets are not allowed at/or in any public gathering locations and are not allowed within the seating areas of these facilities. Pets are NOT allowed in the Park office area. (Walking past a facility does not constitute being at the facility.)
7. The management reserves the right to prohibit any resident or guest from keeping a pet in the event that said resident or guest fails to observe one or more of these rules.
8. All dogs must be claimed at office. If you do not, claim your dogs, fees will be doubled and /or risk being ejected. Dogs fees are charged for full length of your stay.