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Double Diamond Deer Ranch

In the heart of Cook Forest State Park, you'll find a totally fawn-of-a-kind attraction in Double Diamond Deer Ranch. You can't come to Clarington without stopping in.

Rusty and Shorty Snyder both took an interest in how deer grow. After taking care of a few, they decided to open up this learning opportunity to the public--and for a cheap price, no less!

Write this attraction on your bucket list before you get here, you'll be sad if you don't visit.

Double Diamond Deer Ranch: FAQ

Where is Double Diamond Deer Ranch?

12211 Rte. 36
Clarington, PA

When is Double Diamond Deer Ranch open?

10 AM - 7:30 PM

It is open season every day from the start of summer until October. If you are visiting November through March, the Deer Ranch is only open on weekends. Keep that in mind if you are making a long drive!

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What Kinds of Deer do they have?

What kinds of deer can you find at the Double Diamond Deer Ranch?

There are plenty of others for you to experience!

When do they feed the deer?

If you want to see the deer eat, feeding time is 6PM! It's adorable and worth waiting for. In fact, you can actually feed the deer yourself with apples if you so desire. It may be a life-changing experience for a young one.

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How much does Double Diamond Deer Ranch cost?

How much does Double Diamond Deer Ranch cost?

For $9 a person, you have access to these following attractions:

Deer Ranch
A dozen or so different deer. You can learn a lot about the woodland critters from the Snyders and their nursing experience.

The Buck Barn
A taxidermy museum that displays Pennsylvania wildlife. There are over 100 different displays to admire.

Big Trucks-Big Fun
Kids Play Area with real vehicles (fire truck, tractor-trailer, limo, police car.)

Perfect if you have antsy children who just want to run around.

This makes Double Diamond a little bit more fun for parents who want to set their kids loose somewhere safe.

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Truly a stand-out attraction, the Double Diamond Deer Ranch brings a little bit of education, structure, and adorable-ness to your Pennsylvanian vacation. A high-caliber attraction like this must be a priority for your family--especially if you plan on getting lost in the woods the rest of the week.
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