Horseback Riding in Cook Forest State Park

Many horse specialists love nothing more than to bring their horse on their vacation with them. While some people are willing to pay up so their equestrian buddy can enjoy some R-and-R too, others just want the chance to ride a horse in a new place.

Fortunately, there are several stables that have spectacular horse rentals for affordable prices. Each of these locations only lie a few miles from Hominy Ridge cabins, and each stable connects to beautiful horse trails. Here is how you can enjoy horseback riding in Cook Forest State Park.

Best Horse Rentals in Pennsylvania

Whether you want to bring your trusty steed on the road, or you don't mind renting someone else's saddle, Pennsylvania has plenty of options for your horseback riding expedition.

Silver Stallion Stables

Address: 83 Meadow Ln. Cooksburg, PA
Contact: 814-927-6636

Silver Stallion Stables has been guiding Pennsylvania tourists on memorable horse tours for roughly twenty years. The prices are affordable, and the paths you'll ride on are gorgeous, wooded roads. One of the "must-dos" of Cook Forest State Park.

The weight limit for participants is 250 lbs.

How much does it cost to rent a horse at Silver Stallion Stables?
$35 per rider / hour
Pony rides for young children cost $10.

Cook Forest Trail Ride

Address: 1661 Scott Dr, Clarion, PA
Contact: 814-226-5985

The Cook Forest Scenic Trail Ride is a great place to spend a day in the woods. While this trail is connected to a local Dude Ranch, you can participate in the trail ride without booking there. Unlike some of the other stables, you can also ride your own horse on the trail. They say its an "unforgettable experience".

Horse Stalls
$20 per single night, or $16 per night for multiple nights.

How much does it cost to rent a horse at Cook Forest Trail Ride Dude Ranch?
One Hour: $29 per person / hr
Two Hour: $49 per person / hr
Three Hours: $69 per person / hr

Summers Allegheny Trail Ride

Address: 3815 Duhring Rd, Marienville, PA
Contact: 814-927-6710

Here at Summers Allegheny, there are plenty of riding trails you can test for yourself. This is particularly nice if you like solitude on your vacation. Many of the trails take you through Cook Forest, and you can bring your own horse when you visit. You may want to keep your horse here if you plan to return!

Call Summers Allegheny for more information on their pricing and stall options.

Sharon's Horse Heaven

Address: 3634 Loleta Rd, Marienville, PA
Contact: 724-355-4844

Horse Stall Pricing:
$25 / night per horse (2-acre pasture)
$30 / night per horse (stall and paddock)
$35 / night per horse (stall and pasture)

Make sure to bring your own hay, feed, and water buckets. You can bring multiple horses, but the same fees apply. No discounts.

Yet another great option if you want to go horseback riding in Cook Forest. You can keep your horse here, or you can rent a horse for a short ride. Several trails connect to Sharon's, making a prime spot to get some riding in.

Best Horseback Riding Trails near Cook Forest State Park

These are just a few of the popular trails in Cook Forest State Park. Most of them are flat, but occasionally you may run into some hilly sections. Shorter trails are generally better for novice riders, so keep that in mind before you ride out.

Hotspot Trail
1 mile

Picture Rock Trail
6 miles

Blue Ribbon Trail
6 miles

Ghost Trail
6 miles

Buzzard Swamp
12 miles

Spring Creek Trails
38 miles

Cook Forest Bridle Trail
10 miles

Clarion River Tract
18 miles

Many of these trails connect to the ranches themselves. However, you may be able to find new trails. Just ask the locals and follow safety guidelines. Have a safe ride!

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