Hunting in Pennsylvania

Hunting has been one of Pennsylvania's classic pastimes forever. But for a tourist, the laws in the Keystone State can become incredibly complicated and cumbersome. For this reason, we want to create a hunter's guide so you don't have to worry about missing any details on your Cook Forest hunting trip.

Pennsylvania Hunting License

If you are a first-time hunter, you must complete the Hunter and Trapping Safety Course before you can buy a hunting license. There are free in-person classes at specific Pennsylvania locations. The license year starts July 1 and carries through until June 30.

For out-of-state visitors, there is an online option that you can find at the link below. If you are taking it spur-of-the-moment, you'll receive a temporary digital license. Your permanent one will be delivered to you.

What are the age requirements of the Hunter and Trapping Safety Course?

Anyone 11 years of age or older must take the safety course, regardless of skill level.

How much does a PA hunting license cost?

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If you want to add special additions to your base hunting license, there will be additional fees you need to pay. 

Be aware that there are more fees that you may want. Read on the Pennsylvania Game Commission website to find all the possible add-on licenses available to you.

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PA Hunting Calendar -
All Hunting Seasons

Because there are so many different animals you can hunt in Pennsylvania, you may get confused with the appropriate hunting seasons. To make your life a little easier, we've compiled a short list of the major seasons you should be aware of.

Deer Season

Weekdays and Saturdays October through November.
Late December through late January.

Regular Firearms:
Late December through Late January.

Check out the Pennsylvania Game Commission website for more information.

Migratory Game Bird Seasons

Duck season depends on your zone. Generally the season is early October and in the early winter months. You can only bag six daily.

Dove season is September through November and part of December. You can bag 15 daily, but you may only keep 45 total.

Virginia and Sora Rails may be hunted through September to November.

Black Bear Season
Mid-September through Mid-November.

October 16-23, 2022. Only one bear per license per year.

If you have additional questions about a particular season, the Game Commission website can give you more specific details.

Hunting Regulations

Every state has its own guidelines on hunting. Here are a few commonly-asked questions you may have!

Can I hunt on Sundays in Pennsylvania?

Sunday hunting has opened up for hunters. But Special regulations require you to check the official dates.  This may be different depending on the region of Pennsylvania you plan on hunting.

Is there a Magazine Capacity law in Pennsylvania?

There are no magazine restrictions in PA.

What are Pennsylvania's orange requirements?

To keep hunters safe from other hunters, each person should wear 250 square inches of fluorescent orange material on the head, back and chest. The orange should be visible from any angle.

Is there a limit on how much you can hunt?

You can only keep one antlered deer per hunting license per year.

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