Shopping near Cook Forest

When you're on vacation, it's always good to know what stores are around you. Emergencies happen, and if you need to know where to go for last-minute needs. On the other hand, it's also fun to go souvenir shopping. Meandering through local stores can make for unexpected surprises and picture-worthy moments.

Most souvenir shops are located on the main street of Cooksburg, while general shops can be harder to find. Regardless of your reasons for shopping, here is your guide to shopping near Cook Forest, PA. Hopefully you find what you're looking for!

Souvenir Shops

Leeper Red and White Market

Address: 32836 PA-66, Leeper, PA
Monday - Thursday (6AM - 7PM)
Friday (6AM - 8PM)
Saturday (7AM -7PM
Sunday (8AM- 5PM)

Parking: Leeper Market has a large parking lot for its many guests.

What can you buy at Leeper Flea Market?
Groceries, sandwiches, sunscreens, sunglasses, and souvenirs. People say this is the go-to location for high-quality goods and food.

Parker's Indian Trading Post

Address: 14171 PA-36, Cooksburg
Weekdays (10AM - 6PM)
Weekends (10AM - 7PM)

Parking: There are around 10 parking spaces available in front of the trading post.

What can you buy at Parker's Indian Trading Post?
You'll find Native American treasures at Parker's. Hand-crafted souvenirs, cool rocks, and knives for your Cook Forest vacation.

Cook Forest Trading Post

Address: 10503 PA-36, Sigel, PA
Hours: Friday - Sunday (11AM - 4PM)

Parking: Cook Forest Trading Post has a well-paved parking lot.

What can you buy at Cook Forest Trading Post?
Cook Forest is the self-proclaimed "largest souvenir shop" in Cook Forest. They have t-shirts, hoodies, and other typical souvenirs. However, they also have classic Native American and American trapper items as well.

Cooksburg Dry Goods Gift Shoppe
Address: 115 Riverside Dr, Cooksburg, PA
Saturday - Thursday (9AM - 5PM)
Friday (9AM - 7PM)

Parking: They have a small parking lot out front.

What can you buy at Cooksburg Dry Goods Gift Shoppe?
This small shop has everything you need for a delightful trip to Clarion River. Fishing equipment, water shoes, bags, sunscreen, and snacks for the road. Plenty of fun things for children too!

Through the Woods

Address: 11217 PA-36, Clarington, PA
Hours: Friday - Sunday (12PM - 5PM)
Parking: A small pull-up area with a few dirt parking spots.

What can you buy at Through the Woods?
This is a cute stop for young couples, mothers, and anyone else looking for some nice decor. Grab a candle for a romantic evening, or to help keep your cabin smelling fresh.

General Stores

Dollar General

Address: 10208 US-322, Shippenville, PA
Hours: 8AM - 10PM
Parking: There is a parking lot available with several parking spots.

Dollar General is the only chain store that is located near Cooksburg. You can find decor, food, outdoor products, and other things here. A safe option for those wanting a guarantee that they can get products they want.

Lander's General Store

Address: 27110 PA-66, Lucinda, PA
Hours: 6AM - 5PM
Parking: There are multiple parking spots at the front of the building or around the building.

Another great place to buy whatever you need. If you are an early bird, Lander's can get you the products you need bright and early.

Chris N Red's

Address: 25501 PA-66, Lucinda, PA
Hours: Wednesday - Sunday (10AM - 5PM)
Parking: There is a parking lot that's easily accessible.

You can buy a bunch of things from Chris N Red's, although you may not need some of it on vacation. Everything from building materials to neat knick-knacks have made their home here. You may find some hidden treasures here.


Address: 27160 PA-66, Lucinda, PA
Hours: 7AM - 6PM
Parking: There are a couple of spaces available at the front of the store, but it's possible to park on the dirt pull-off near the entrance.

A grocery store that is open at reliable hours, Kelly's has any food options that you'll need. You may be able to get homemade baked goods, too!
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