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Water Sports near Cook Forest, PA

In the Cook Forest, Pennsylvania area, you can enjoy a variety of water activities. Canoeing and kayaking are especially popular in the area, especially along the Clarion River. If you're looking for an off-the-beaten-path location to swim and hang out on a sandy beach, Clear Creek State Park is exactly what you're looking for. And don't overlook tubing in the Cook Forest State Park. It's a great way to relax and enjoy our scenic surroundings.

Canoeing and Kayaking
on the Clarion River

The Clarion River is a tributary of the Allegheny River and has been designated a National Wild and Scenic River. It flows through the hemlock and pine forests that make up Cook Forest's Forest Cathedral. .

The Clarion River is a great place to go canoeing and kayaking. The best time for either is in the spring and fall, when downward flow is around four miles an hour. River conditions are generally classified as beginner level, but, at times, the river can run at a fast pace. You won't typically encounter white water, but you'll definitely be treated to view of scenic landscapes and diverse wildlife

If you're planning on using your own canoe or kayak, you'll need one of these forms of registration.
Boat registration.
Launch permit from Pennsylvania State Parks.
Launch permit from Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. You can purchase these at our gift shop.

If you need to rent a canoe or kayak, you can contact Cook Forest Canoe Rentals. They offer rentals, as well as pre-planned trips.

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Swimming at Clear Creek State Park

Clear Creek State Park is a hidden gem in the Clarington, Pennsylvania area. It covers over 1,900 acres, and part of the Clarion River runs near it. The official swimming area is near the park entrance.

Mountain snows melt and fill Clear Creek, making for an excellent chance to cool off. Obviously, the best time of a dip in Clear Creek is in the warmer months, from late May until the middle of September. Clear Creek also features a beautiful, 180-foot long sandy beach. The beach is open from May until September.

While you're at Clear Creek State Park, you can also enjoy a number of other outdoor activities. Clear Creek is filled with brook trout and smallmouth bass, so it's a great place to fish. You can also fish in the Clarion River. There, you'll find trout, smallmouth bass, and panfish.

If you're interested in canoeing or kayaking, you can launch your craft in Clear Creek State Park, and travel down the scenic Clarion River. Hunting, hiking, and picnicking are also popular at the park.

Clear Creek State Park is open daily, from sunrise to sunset. However, the beach area is open seasonally, during specific hours. You'll want to contact the park office for details.

Floating (Tubing) through Cook Forest

Floating along the Clarion River through Cook Forest is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable experiences around. The river is generally a Class I stream, meaning that the water moves along easily, with small waves and few riffles. (Note that this classification can change with higher water levels.) The best time to take a tube down the river is spring through early summer. Later in the summer, water levels can become very shallow, and could be low enough to make tubing less enjoyable. Under optimal conditions, the Clarion River flows around four mile an hour.

If you're interested in ready-made tubing trips, Cook Forest Canoe Livery offers two options: a 2.5 mile trip, and a 4.0-mile trip. For the 4-mile trip, you also have the option of renting a 6-person river raft. Cook Forest Canoe Fleet is located in Cook Forest State Park at the bridge, and rentals are generally quite inexpensive.

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